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Understanding The Ins And Outs Of E3 Visa

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Going global seems to be the latest trend in MNCs and various other global platforms. This concept does not merely include hiring in international markets. Going global is so much more than that, it means bringing talent and diversity to your business from other countries.

The E3 Visa is an exclusive US Visa for Australians which allows them to live and work in the US. This makes it easier for American companies to gain access to the talent from the South Pacific. The E3 Visa process is quite simple when done with proper professional guidance. It is not as lengthy and time-consuming as the H1B visa.

The E3 visa was originally introduced into the US immigration system during the year 2005. This visa gives Australia and the permit to work in the United States. The E3 visa is also much easier to obtain as compared to the H-1B visa.

Moving on let us have a look at the various aspect of the E3 visa:

  • Eligibility

In order to be eligible to E3 visa, employees must be a citizen of Australia and must have legitimate employment from a U.S company. Also, one should make sure that their position/occupation must qualify as a specialty occupation. A specialty occupation is that which requires “theoretical and practical application of a body of knowledge in the professional field” along with this a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. This is the minimum requirement for the entry into the occupation in the U.S.

These specialty occupations include occupations like software developers, fashion designers, architects, scientists and many more. The applicants should demonstrate a non-immigrant intent before applying for an E3 visa as this type of visa is not a dual intent visa.

  • Benefits of E3 visa

One of the main advantages of the E3 visa is that the spouse of the visa holder is also eligible to work legally in the US. This is the biggest difference between H-1B visa and E3 visa. H-1B visa requires the spouse to have an individual visa or requires the spouse to be a citizen of the US in order to be eligible to work there.

The E3 visa is eligible for renewal every two years and this can be done without any restrictions regarding the number of extensions. Any other type of work permit has a certain time limit. For an instance, people who have H-1B visa only allow the employees to maintain visa status for up to six years. The E3 visa also has much lower filing fees as compared to the other work permits.

The E3 visa does not hold a lottery. There is a limit of 10,500 visas that will be granted, however, the number of applicants have not approached that limit. This means that all the eligible Australian workers who apply for this visa will receive it. The process is furthermore simplified as the E3 visa applicant does not require employees to file an I-129 petition with the USCIS. Employees who are aspiring to go to Australia can directly apply to the U.S consulate abroad.

  • Employer requirements for an E3 visa

First and foremost thing is that each and every employee who is applying for the E3 visa application must meet the U.S corporation and immigrant – employment regulations. The employer also needs to pay the applicant a satisfactory salary and the visa filing costs. The employer also needs to prove that hiring a foreign national will not negatively influence the labour conditions of a similarly employed worker.

It is also important to keep in mind that if an employee switches job they need to reapply for the E3 visa through their new employer.

All you need to know about the E3 work visa

If you’re an Australian citizen and want to explore the employment opportunities offered in America, you want to apply for an E3 visa. Implemented in 2005, the work visa enables Australian citizens to work and live in the USA while capitalising the wonderful opportunities available. This category falls under the United States-Australia free trade agreement. Firstly, you’ll need to find a sponsor company who accepts E3 applications by doing it yourself or by hiring professionals recruiting agencies for E3 visa America applicants in Australia. Australians now have a better prospect at getting the E3 visa as its dedicated, costs less compared to the H1B visa and has almost all the similarities of it.

Choosing E3 visa over H1B

The American immigration reserves 10,500 visas for Australian citizens every year and hardly ever have they all been exhausted. This means there are plenty of opportunities to grab out there. The best part of having a US visa for Australian citizens is unlike the H1B, your spouse too can work in America which means more capital gains; who wouldn’t want that? The holders of E3 visa can easily apply for extensions to continue working in the USA and the application charges are also very less compared to other conventional work visas. E3 Visa is valid for 2 years from the time you arrived in USA.

 What are the requirements?

While applying for an E3 visa, the applicant must demonstrate the ability to work in the USA and fulfil all the criteria as discussed further. The applicant must be an Australian citizen and hold a legitimate offer letter from the American employer. The applicant must fall under the specific special skills category like a nurse, teacher, engineer, manager and a few others. Further on, one must furnish all the valid qualification and academic credentials to support the special skills applied for. The intent for staying temporary in the USA may be demanded along with the proper license to practice a trade in the USA, if applicable.

The application process

Applying for E3 visa America could be a quite a task for first timers and finding an employer is another one. Since the process is extensive and many a times, due to insufficient or incomplete documentation, a visa can be refused. This does mean the applicant cannot reapply, but the application fees are non-refundable and will have to be paid again. A few basic pointers for the application are mentioned below.

  • A Certified copy of LCA (Labor Condition Application) from employer who is sponsoring you.
  • DS-160 form along with all required documentation.
  • If applying to do practice a qualified business, all the necessary licenses to practice should be verified beforehand.

Benefits of E3 visa

The benefits to the applicant applying for E3 visa America are many when hiring a consultant such as E3Infotech Consulting. When it comes to finding the right employer, a consultant can identify the right job offers from their pool of employers in America as they work very closely with their associates located globally. The right negotiation for salary is also an added perk to the applicant that only comes with experience of the recruitment agency.

Medical insurance is offered by hiring companies so that the travellers are covered for the duration of their stay in America. Initial accommodation arrangements can be agreed upon that will save the Australian citizen a great ordeal of finding it after landing. However, travel arrangements are the applicant’s responsibility and the consultant can only refer to a cost saving travel agent for further guidance.