H1B vs. E3



E3 Visa

For Whom Professional Professional
Citizen Status Applicant from any Country can apply for this Visa Only Australian Citizens can apply for this Visa
Eligibility based only on Educational Qualification/s
Minimum Bachelor’s degree (4 Yrs.) from Uni./College or Higher Degree e.g MBA/Mtech/PhD
Specialized knowledge both in practice and theory and is certified by highly specialized body.
Eligibility based Only on Work Experience Minimum 12 Yrs. Of work experience in a speciality occupation Same
Point System General Rules: You need 12 points to qualify.
1 Yr. of Studies at University/College = 3 Points
1 Yr. of work experience = 1 point
Here is an example:
4 Yrs. degree + zero work experience = 12 Points
3 Yrs. Degree + 3 Yrs. Work experience: (9+3)=12 Points
2 Yrs. Diploma+6 Yrs. Work experience: (6+6)= 12 points
Validity 6 Yrs. 2 Yrs.
Renewing a Visa Can be renewed once in 3 yrs. Increment or until your green card is being processed.
Renewed indefinitely after every 2 yrs.
Can be converted to H1B.
Cannot apply for Green card.
Only jobs that are categorized as “Speciality Occupation” Vocational Counselor, Technical Publication Writer, Social Worker, Pharmacist, Orthopedist, Minister, Medical Technologist, Medical Records Librarian, Librarian, Journalist, Interior Designer (Commercial), Industrial Designer (with Bachelor of Arts), Hotel Management, Graphic Designer, General Manager (where business is complex), Fashion Designer, Electronics Specialist, Dietician, Computer Programmer, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Accountant Same
Can your spouse/partner/depended work? No Yes
Visa Numbers per year
Limited Visa releases for all occupations.
First come First serve basis
Allocated on lucky draw system.
Quota fills quickly
Limited time.
10,500 per year
Rarely filled.
Additional advantage to fill the skill shortage using this visa.
Application Process
Huge documention involved
Long formalities involved
Time consuming(1month to 6 months)
Less documention involved
Few formalities involved
Little Time consuming(1month)
Aditional administrative procedures might delay process by weeks, in special cases.

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