IT Jobs

Benefits To Applicants

The E3 Visa is designed to make immigration of Australian citizens easier to the USA. However, without proper guidance you risk getting stuck in long processes.

  • Free eligibility consultancy and review of your unique circumstances to find out whether you are eligible or not for the E3 Visa.
  • Assisting you to get a job according to your qualification and expertise, with E3 companies in the USA. Our team has established a wide coverage network, which helps us enlist leading companies for their professional human resource management.
  • Among the positions considered “professional” are accountants, architects, copywriters, computer programmers, dentists, doctors, economists, editors, engineers, financial analysts, lawyers, nurses, physiotherapists, marketing professionals, and so many others.
  • Assist you to find the right job for your qualifications and expertise and identify E3 companies that would be willing to sponsor your E3 application. It is important that you find an appropriate job that is approved under the E3 Visa as it is not enough that you have the right qualification alone.
  • Put together a checklist of the documents necessary for the E3 Visa.
  • We will work with you for the E3 visa application.
  • Counsel you for the Consular/ USCIS interview.
  • Keep you posted about the progress of your application on regular basis.
  • Assist you in getting the minimum necessary utilities such as bank account, credit cards, Social Security Number, and so on.
  • We also help E3 Visa holders apply and process visas for spouse and children.
  • We also help you with the extension of the E3 visa when it expires.
  • Salary negotiations are very sensitive and require special expertise to ensure that you get the best possible package. Our team is trained and experienced in such matters and has been successful in maximizing the remuneration and perks of the job.
  • Very often, as an Australian citizen, you would not even be aware of the benefits that you are qualifying for. We can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the most out of your first job in the USA.
  • Medical coverage might not sound too important at present, especially if you and your family are healthy and young. However, medical emergencies come without warning or intimation and nothing can be more stressful mentally and financially than to need medical attention in a foreign country and not having enough funds.
  • Our clients in US do offer an affordable yet multi-functional expat medical insurance that will have you covered in the USA and out of it.

Some of our clients in US do provide initial accommodation otherwise if required we can also assist you with finding your first accommodation as you reach your job location.

We do not provide any assistance with travel to and fro the USA. Air tickets, hotel accommodation if any during transit, flight routes, and all other relating arrangements are to be done by the E3 visa holder. In this regard, we could only help, by recommending you to cost-efficient travel agencies who could provide the necessary assistance for your travel.