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Location : Bay Area, CA; Groveport, OH ;Erlanger, KY

More than 7 years experience on Java/J2EE development.
Strong Core-java skills comprising of multithreading, collections etc.
Must have In-depth understanding of technologies, their versions used in current or previous projects.
Hands on with Programming/Coding to help/mentor team as and when required.

Lead the design, development and required.
Provide ongoing support to deliver the project to production and postproduction support
Contribute technical expertise to all projects as required.

Must have 7+ years of Java Coding experience.
In-depth understanding of Java/J2EE.
Thorough understanding of Spring technologies.
Strong experience with Agile Process and Spring Application Servers.
Some database background and a robust understanding of design concepts and coding practices.
Automation test skills required.
Must also have excellent written and oral communication skills, plus client facing, people skills.
Experience with Ruby, Cucumber, Selenium, JUnit, Mocking, TDD, SQL, REST, SOAP are all a plus.
Team leadership experience, self-motivation, and experience working with offshore teams are a plus.
An ability to work in a fast paced and unstructured environment is also an advantage.

High School Diploma/GED equivalent
Bachelor's Degree
Master’s preferred