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Location : Bay Area, Ca

As an Agile process leader, or Iteration Manager, your primary goal will be to lead development teams to deliver high quality working software using and promotion agile framework.
Base Responsibilities:
Improve quality and increase the velocity of software delivery.
Collaborate with various stakeholders, user communities and project teams to learn and implement best practices.
Track Iteration Progress.
Increase team efficiency.
Tracking and reporting velocity.
Facilitate Daily standup.
Conduct Iteration Planning meetings.
Provide status reporting.
Facilitate estimation meetings and release planning meetings.
Help Product Owners in prioritization.

Manage and facilitate delivery within an iteration.
Work with Product Managers on overall timeline.
Track daily team progress – story status, velocity, board.
Projects team capacity.
Track Product Manager Story readiness (e.g. stories ready to play).
Raise relevant issues to other project management group like Project Manager, Technical Manager and Product Manager etc.
Own project burn up/metrics (velocity tracking/forecasting).
Team support (focused on removing internal blockers).
Facilitate intra-team communication.
Manage storyboard and story management tool.
Facilitate all iteration planning sessions, Story time, Iteration Open/Close, and daily standup meetings.
Facilitate retrospectives (team alternates each retro).
Promote team building/team accountability.
Facilitate team "norming" sessions.
Create Iteration open/close deck.
Work with team to ensure process quality & continual improvement.
Encourage Self Empowered teams.
Ideal Project Allocation: Fully dedicated.

Prior experience in fast paced agile environment will be critical to planning and overseeing day to day development activities, managing work against competing deliverables.
Successful experience for least 2-3 years using the agile framework, preferably in the role of Iteration Manager.
1+ Years practical experience in software development is helpful.
Experience as a Scrum Master.
Excellent Communication in both Written and Oral 3. High Level of energy and enthusiasm.
. Flexible work and leadership style to maximize team performance.
High level technical familiarity with distributed systems and web technologies.
CSM certification is a plus.
Subject matter expertise in retail/ecommerce is a plus.
Superb Communication skills and presentation skills will be integral to conducting iteration planning meetings, hosting demonstrations, and facilitating retrospectives with team members and stakeholders alike.

High School Diploma/GED equivalent